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Herdwick Sheep and Wool at Crookabeck

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Herdwick Sheep are unique to the Cumbrian landscape. The lambs are jet black with white ears when they are born and as the lamb ages the face, head and legs become white and the first fleece (hog fleece) turns a chocolate brown colour. After shearing the fleece then turns a silver grey colour.

Herdwick wool is hard wearing, non fading and completely natural. We have a range of other Herdwick products including Herdwick Wool Throws and Rugs, Hats, knitting yarns, rugs and throws and Herdwick Wool Dog Leads. We also have Breeding stock available for sale.

Herdwick Sheep for Sale

Our flock originates from 2 ex-show sheep bought at Dick Wilson’s dispersal sale. Dick was a well known and respected Herdwick sheep breeder in Patterdale. We buy some of the best rams available each year and bloodlines used descend from Gatesgarth, Kevin Wrathall, Anthony Hartley and Gowie Graves.

The sheep live in fields around the house, they have never been on the fell. They are quiet, easy to handle, and respect fences. All I need is a bucket or a pocket of nuts to move them around the farm. Being docile my sheep make an ideal starter flock.

During August, September and October I have a few ewes with an unrelated shearling ram for sale. Homebred individual ewes or small groups of ewes are available, also individual shearling rams. The breeding season starts at the end of October, the lambs being born 150 days later in March/April.

Wether lambs are available on the hoof from August. Please contact us to ask for details of stock available.

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