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Herdwick Sheep

Welcome to Crookabeck  Herdwicks

Herdwick Sheep are unique to the Cumbrian landscape. The lambs are jet black with white ears when they are born in March and April. As the lamb ages the face, head and legs become white and the first fleece (known as a hog fleece) becomes a chocolate brown colour. This is shorn at 15 months. After shearing the fleece then turns a silver grey colour. By keeping the dark and light fleeces separate, they can be spun into natural shades of light and dark wool for knitting or weaving. Herdwick wool is hard wearing, non fading and completely natural. Please click here to find out more about our Crookabeck Herdwick Sheep.

Why not take a look at some of our hardwearing Herdwick wool for sale. We have a range of other Herdwick products including Herdwick Wool Throws and Rugs, knitting yarns, Rugs and Herdwick Wool Dog Leads.

We also have Breeding stock available for sale.

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